Building Maintenance

Geneville Constructions manages a full range of building maintenance, alterations and repairs.

We service both commercial and residential properties, covering everything from small home maintenance tasks to full scale business renovations.

Services provided by Geneville Constructions include electrical, plumbing, structural work, carpentry, repairs, tiling, air-conditioning and almost every other building maintenance service you may need.

Our services are ideal for Strata and larger commercial Maintenance, Refurbishment Upgrades, Renovations, New Properties, Geneville Constructions building maintenance have you covered.

We are fully licensed, qualified and ensure quality workmanship, we promise our clients lasting practical solutions and professional results, all at competitive prices.

"A feature of Geneville's construction management has been to maintain the operation of the existing hospital during construction works, with progressive occupation upon completion of each of the stages. On a personal level, I have been most impressed by Mr Phillips' building knowledge and experience, which has been invaluable in this extremely complex project." Malcolm Ellis - Consulting Structural Engineer

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Project Manager - Gene Phillips   0418 219 934
Construction Manager - Alan Wellington   0437 922 303
Operations Manager and Accounts - Patricia Phillips   0414 855 087

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